Our story. It all started on the 4th of February 2015, in Campo de Ourique, a district of Lisbon where we decided to open our first Bagel Shop named Raffi’s Bagels.

Our aim was to look into our family and cultural heritage to share some of the recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation. We chose to produce our bagels ourselves to make sure that the quality, taste and freshness of our products are always up to the highest standards.

Our production process and philosophy. We produce our bagels in Portugal in our own bakery, and follow a traditional family recipe. Our bagels are free from conservatives and additives. We tested our recipe over three months to adapt to the conditions of climate, equipment and ingredients we find in Portugal until we arrived at the original taste and texture, emblematic of New York City. We give the same attention to all the products we make in our bakery always respecting the traditional recipes and ancient know-how.

Original, fresh and
tasty, made the
traditional way

Delicious and soft
traditional handmade
brioche bread

Our range of bagels and challah bread

Classic bagels. Plain, with sesame seeds, poppy seeds or a mix of all seeds. About 140 grams. Perfect for brunch or lunch.

Specialty bagels. With mixed cereals or with raisins and cinnamon. About 120 grams. Can be eaten alone or with butter for breakfast or tea.

Mini bagels. Classic or speciality bagels in mini size. About 65 grams. Adapted for breakfast buffets, cocktails or afternoon snacks.

Challah bread. Plain or with sesame seeds contains no milk ingredients. About 400 grams.

Bagels on demand

Extra large, extra small, square, heart-shaped, psychedelic… Our production process
allows us to respond to almost any specific demand, imagination is the only limit.
Contact us and tell us what you need.

Color Bagels


Bright, funny and tasty, they are all different and original. You can choose your colours and we’ll personalize them to your most crazy dreams! Fill them with colourful ingredients and you are sure to make a sensation with your guests!

Raffi’s Bagels Franchise Stores

You will find our products in the Raffi’s Bagels stores in Lisbon Campo de Ourique and Estefania, as well as online:

Campo de Ourique

Rua Saraiva de Carvalho, 120B
1250-245 Lisbon

+351 214 055 099



Rua Pascoal de Melo, 140
1000-232 Lisbon

+351 309 717 378


Uber Eats

order online
at home

If you love Bagels as we do, and like our concept, why not open a franchise in your own city? Bagels are the fastest growing street food in Northern Europe and are now moving south. No heavy investment is required which allows a quick return on investment. You will benefit from our products, our design and brand image, our experience and processes, to immediately run a highly profitable business.

If you are interested in our franchise, contact us by mail or call us.

Sales to professionals

We supply hotels, restaurants, catering companies in Portugal and other countries on demand. Contact us for a personalised quote.

Next day

*In all major cities
in Portugal,
according to stock.


*For minimum orders
of 100 units for bagels,
20 units for Challah

supply chain*

*to garantee the
freshness and quality
of our products on

Our references

They have already chosen our bagels for their breakfast buffets, catering and bistrot menu.

Contact us

+351 937 564 683

+351 214 055 099